SCPOR offers a variety of specialized supports for your Patient-Oriented Research Needs. 

Patient Engagement Supports
Support in the Recruitment of Patient and Family Advisors 
Patient Engagement Plan Development & Budgeting Guidance
Indigenous Research and Engagement Supports 
Advanced training in Ethics of Indigenous Research and Engagement
Recruitment of Indigenous Patient & Family Advisors
Support with Indigenous Community Outreach
Research Methods Support
Methods Platform Consultation
Request for Methodological Expertise
Quote for SCPOR partner services (Clinical Trial Support Unit, Clinical Research Support Unit, Social Science Research Lab)
Data and Data Services
Data and Data Consultation
Data Analysis
Data Extraction and/or Linkage
GIS (mapping)
Facilitation of Data Sharing Agreement
Data De-Identification 
Knowledge Translation and Capacity Building 
Request for Knowledge Translation Support
Request for Trainee Support/Funding