May 3, 2017 all-day
College West Building, Room 113, U of R

This course is designed to give patients a foundational understanding of the research enterprise. It is equally intended to help equip patients, researchers and other stakeholders (i.e., health care professionals and system decision-makers) with the skills necessary to engage meaningfully in a variety of roles, including: governance, peer review or other committee work, priority-setting, and the conduct of patient-oriented research and to foster the attitudes essential to the formation and development of genuine partnerships.
The course is intended to enable participants to:
-acquire foundational knowledge about health research to allow them to become full-fledged members of a research team;
-build mutually beneficial partnerships for conducting patient oriented research; and
-work as a team to carry-out patient-oriented research and produce high-quality scientific knowledge in a given health-related field.
This program was created to support patients, researchers, health –care providers and health-care decision-makers interested in or engaged in patient oriented research. The information may not be new to all individuals depending on their background however the co-learning opportunity seeks to help individuals see how their knowledge and experience differs from other individuals. The intent is that this awareness will help them as they engage in patient-oriented research by identify where they may need to coach/develop other team member’s knowledge about an area or topic. Patients, principal investigators and students/trainees working on a SCPOR affiliated patient oriented research team are required to attend the training sessions.

May 3rd we will host Module 1 & 2 back to back to minimize travel for participants scheduled to attend this date. The first module is Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research and Module 2 is Fundamentals of Health Research in Canada.

This course will take place in College West Building, Room 113, University of Regina.
To register contact: Malori Keller: mkeller@hqc.sk.ca