Living Systematic Reviews

February 6 2018 Webinar Recording and Materials

For the recording of this webinar, click here.

Click here for slides from the presentation.

Dr Elliott has provided some additional materials for this webinar, below:

Living Systematic Reviews: An Emerging Opportunity to Narrow the Evidence-Practice Gap

Living Systematic Reviews Networks and Resources

Living Systematic Reviews Interim Guidance for Pilots

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology Series:

Elliott, J. H., Synnot, A., Turner, T., Simmonds, M., Akl, E. A., McDonald, S., … & Tovey, D. (2017). Living systematic review: 1. Introduction—the why, what, when, and how. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 91, 23-30.

Thomas, J., Noel-Storr, A., Marshall, I., Wallace, B., McDonald, S., Mavergames, C., … & Elliott, J. (2017). Living systematic reviews: 2. Combining human and machine effort. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 91, 31-37. (open access: click on link here)

Akl, E. A., Meerpohl, J. J., Elliott, J., Kahale, L. A., Schünemann, H. J., Agoritsas, T., … & Pestridge, C. (2017). Living systematic reviews: 4. Living guideline recommendations. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 91, 47-53.

Simmonds, M., Salanti, G., McKenzie, J., Elliott, J., Agoritsas, T., Hilton, J., … & Albrecht, L. (2017). Living systematic reviews: 3. Statistical methods for updating meta-analyses. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 91, 38-46.