SCPOR structure – Governance & Platforms


SCPOR is a collaboration of 9 Saskatchewan organizations* which have committed resources to SCPOR. The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) has provided funding to match 1:1 the resources committed by the Saskatchewan organizations. SCPOR Host Council, which has membership from the University of Saskatchewan, the College of Medicine and Health Quality Council, bears fiduciary responsibility for the entire SCPOR operation. As such Host Council is the highest level of accountability in the SCPOR governance structure and is ultimately accountable for oversight of the operation of SCPOR in accordance with resourcing agreements that will be put in place between Host Council and each of the provincial partner organizations as well as the agreement between the University of Saskatchewan (on behalf of SCPOR Host Council) and CIHR. Thus Host Council is accountable to the provincial partners and to CIHR for proper use of the resources entrusted to this collaborative entity.
SCPOR Host Council hires the Executive Director of SCPOR, who will report to Host Council. The SCPOR Executive Director will be accountable to Host Council for all aspects of operations in SCPOR.
The SCPOR Oversight Committee is composed of members from each of the provincial organization partners and is accountable to Host Council for strategic oversight of the operations of SCPOR. The Oversight Committee works with the Executive Director to create an annual operational plan, which is then recommended for formal approval with the Host Council.
It is Oversight Committee’s responsibility to ensure that SCPOR develops in accordance with the shared goals of the provincial partners and CIHR as expressed through SCPOR Vision, Mission and Values.

For more details about SCPOR governance, see this Q&A document.
*These partners are Government of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, Saskatoon Health Region, and eHealth Saskatchewan.


SCPOR Platforms build upon and incorporate existing provincial health system, post-secondary, and community resources that are needed for the conduct of patient-oriented research (POR) in Saskatchewan. SCPOR is organized using six Platforms: Data Services; Knowledge Translation, Training and Capacity Building; Methods; Patient Engagement and Empowerment; and Indigenous Research & Engagement Expertise and Consultation and Research Services.Hover over each platform piece in the diagram below to learn more about that platform’s responsibilities.

Advising and contributing to SCPOR Programs and activities toadvanceSCPOR’s core values and build capacity inIndigenous-specificengagement and POR across theprovince.

Developing capacity for meaningful patient engagement toempowerindividuals, families and communities to engage as full participantsinSCPOR governance and the complete range of research andresearch-relatedactivities.

Providing the community with timely services in areas suchasbiostatistics, epidemiology and health economics anddeveloping/buildingon methods for use within rural, remote and indigenouscommunities.Supported by post-secondary organizations, offering training,mentoringand career development programs for clinical, health servicesandsystems research and methodological patient-orientedresearchers.

Supporting Applied Health Services Research scientific leadership toleadthe engagement of decision-makers and build health servicesresearchcapacity; providing specialized functions dedicated toknowledgetranslation; and, promoting effective approaches to implement clinicalandhealth research findings and other evidence-based practices intoroutinepractice.

Linking administrative data to clinical data, linking clinical feeder systemtoconsent-based and legislated registries, providing timely access todata.

breadth of services to clients of the Unit at a fee forservice.


The Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) is a coalition of organizations that support patient-oriented research in Saskatchewan. It is one of a number of provincial units supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to build provincial and national capacity for patient-oriented research. Our partners include:

Our Funding Partners

SCPOR is a partnership of organizations that support and promote patient-oriented research in Saskatchewan.

SCPOR is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), as well as through cash and in-kind contributions from nine Saskatchewan partner organizations.