It is the SCPOR Oversight Committee’s mandate to establish SCPOR programs of research based on the provincial health priorities. The first selection took place in August and September of this year, and Mental Health and Addictions was chosen as the focus for SCPOR’s first program of research.

The next step will be to establish a SCPOR Program Oversight Committee (SPOC) to oversee the selection of the research projects which will come under the umbrella of the Mental Health and Addictions program. The SPOC will consist of patient and family advisors, policy makers, providers and researchers as well as post-secondary organizations. This committee will develop the program management plan for Mental Health and Addictions, and will also be a networking resource for anyone wanting to do research in this area.

SCPOR’s work in Mental Health and Addictions will not, however, be its sole focus. Eventually SCPOR will be running several programs at the same time. As well, anyone interested in patient-oriented research can contact us to find out what kinds of support we provide. SCPOR may consider assisting with these projects as long as they align with provincial priorities and we have the resources to do so.