SCPOR Programs

SCPOR Programs of Research

SCPOR supports health research that aligns with provincial priorities. In the 2018-19 Strategic Plan, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health outlined its plan for making necessary improvements in key areas including primary healthcare, specialist consults, diagnostics, mental health and addictions, long term care, home care, and acute care.

The SCPOR Oversight Committee reviewed the provincial priorities in August of 2016 and chose one area for SCPOR’s initial focus, or program of research. The area chosen was mental health and addictions, as it was seen as not only a pressing need but an area where the patient and family voice could add great value. As SCPOR grows in capacity, other programs of research will be added. For now, however, SCPOR’s focus is to create a process for supporting patient-oriented research in the area of mental health and addictions.

The first step in creating a program of research is creating a SCPOR Program Oversight Committee, or SPOC.

The SCPOR Program Oversight Committee (SPOC)

A SPOC (SCPOR Program Oversight Committee) is a SCPOR sub-committee chosen for the purpose of managing a particular SCPOR program. The members of the SPOC will consist of patient and family advisors, researchers, clinicians, policy-makers and other community members.The SPOC team members will have complimentary research,professional, and people skills and the experiential knowledge needed to address the needs of the selected patient-oriented research program.This partnership of key stakeholders in government, health care provision and community is a vital component of integrated knowledge translation, the SCPOR approach to knowledge translation.

The SPOC’s first job is to develop a program management plan which will include the following:

  • Development of detailed program charter.
  • Communication plan of program deliverables and outcomes, including KT opportunities.
  • Program implementation plan and community engagement plan.
  • Terms of reference specific to the team members for the program.

The SPOC is responsible for guiding the SCPOR program through the SCPOR program process (see Figure 1). In addition to the current state – design – future state cycle, the figure illustrates the key decision-making stages (represented by the diamond shapes) in the process. These decision points ensure careful attention will be paid to evidence based decision making. This process is still in a draft stage, and will be refined as SCPOR matures.

Figure 1: