Accessing SCPOR Supports just got Easier!

We’ve improved our process, so now accessing SCPOR Supports is quicker and easier. 


Many of our supports can be easily accessible through our website. Anyone can:



Want to access any of the following supports? Simply email or contact a SCPOR staff member and we’ll help you out. 

  • Consultation about data and services available through the Data Services Platform
  • POR Module or Building Research Relationships with Indigenous Communities (BRRIC) Training Module
  • Coaching on the basics of how to engage patients in a research team
  • Exploring potential for trainees 
  • Connecting with our research labs and their services (Clinical Trial Support Unit, Clinical Research Support Unit, Social Sciences Research Lab)
  • PFA (patient family advisor) recruitment
  • Access to members of the Affiliated Researcher Alliance (ARA): a network of researchers with diverse expertise who engage in POR 
  • Connecting with SCPOR staff, partners or colleagues



If you would like to request a generic letter of support from SCPOR (i.e. for grant applications), you can complete this form and email it to us.

Note: SCPOR will provide a generic letter of support for teams that meet our patient-oriented research criteria.



Think you may have a more specific need SCPOR can help you with?

Teams requesting in-kind, or financial support from SCPOR can email to request a consultation. A staff member will help you to identify the supports SCPOR can provide. You will then be asked to complete the Support Request Form which will be reviewed by a committee.

Examples of Detailed Supports include:

  • Patient engagement planning
  • Patient/community recruitment support
  • Integrated KT planning
  • End of Grant KT planning
  • Requesting a trainee to support a project
  • Data access and data analysis
  • Support with developing community agreements
  • OCAP coaching
  • Connection-building with SCPOR partners and provincial ministries
  • Obtaining referrals to research labs (i.e. Social Sciences Research Lab)
  • Connecting to Affiliated Research Alliance (ARA) members


 Ready to make a Detailed Support Request? Click here.