Supporting the Use of Synthesized Research Evidence in Health Policymaking

January 30 2018 Webinar Recording and Materials
Thank you Dr John Lavis for your very informative webinar presentation. For those of you who missed it, we have the recording  here. As one participant commented about this webinar: “I found the presentation very insightful and outlined many helpful resources. I like the approach to using synthesized evidence – which is more and more what we use in our Drug Evaluation Unit, which synthesizes evidence for both policy and educational purposes. The thought of having evidence pre-appraised with insight into CLINICAL relevance is very appealing, as that is often where some synthesized evidence falls short – at least in our experience.”
John referred to some valuable resources in this presentation – please click on the links below to find them.

Finding and using research evidence: Summary sheet
Health Systems Evidence: Four-pager
Health Systems Evidence: Taxonomy
Social Systems Evidence: Taxonomy
McMaster Optimal Aging Portal: Rationale and features

Cochrane KT framework