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What is patient-oriented research (POR)?
It is research done in partnership with patients, answers research questions that matter to patients, and aims to improve health care. 
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Patient Voices

Stories, perspectives, and experiences of patients engaged in patient-oriented research

Culturally safe, positive, empowering birth.
Saskatchewan mothers shaping research aimed at improving the birthing experiences of Indigenous women

Jessica Dieter will never forget the reassuring and beautiful words of the people in her community following the birth of her baby boy Lennox.

Lennox was born inside his amniotic sac. Known as a birth caul, it is extraordinarily rare with some estimates suggesting it occurs only once every 80,000 births. It happens when a piece of amniotic sac breaks away during gestation – or during the birthing process – and attaches to a baby’s head. Although harmless, a baby born inside their membrane is very unusual, even to experienced delivery room staff. As for parents, it can be distressing when anything out of the ordinary takes place during labor, as it did that day for Jessica and her partner.

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Award-Winning Patient-Oriented Research: A conversation with Dr. Angela Bowen

SCPOR had a chance to sit down with Dr. Bowen, the principle investigator of,  ‘Bringing Birth Back: Improving Access to Culturally Safe Birth in Saskatchewan.” She also shares some insight about being a POR researcher. Click here to read the full article.

Also, if you happen to be in Saskatoon, you can catch Dr. Bowen and her team at our upcoming Meet and Eat event on Tuesday, April 23rd. Come learn about this innovative research project, do some networking, nosh, and meet one of Saskatchewan’s top patient-oriented research leaders in person! Click here to register.



Postdoctoral Fellowships now Available!

Deadline May 13th, 2019



SCPOR is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for three postdoctoral fellowship positions. The purpose of this award is to provide support to College of Medicine postdoctoral fellowship students and faculty supervisors from the University of Saskatchewan who demonstrate a passion for patient-oriented research.

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To download the application, click here. 

Strengthening the Patient Voice in the Review Process

The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) one of SCPOR’s partners,  has a thoughtful piece telling the story of how their organization brought patient voices to the forefront of the grant review process. Click here to have a read. 

We have new dates for BRRIC! 

Building Research Relationships with Indigenous Communities is our

new training seminar. Registrations fill up fast so don’t wait!

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Our next session is Thursday April 25th in Saskatoon. 


SHRF and SCPOR Cultivate Patients as Partners with Over $1.2M in Funding for Patient-Driven Research


Nine teams have received over $1.2 million in SPROUT Grant funding to engage patients as partners and tackle research questions that are driven by the patient. This is the second offering of the patient-oriented research funding competition, funded in partnership with the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research.

Research teams, which include researchers, health care providers, health system decision makers, and patient/family advisors, will use this funding to investigate a variety of health challenges. 

Click here to read the full announcement and to learn about the 2018-2019 SPROUT Grant Recipients. 

The Birth of a Research Collaboration: A Conversation with Carrie Pratt

The SCPOR trainee shares her story about joining a research team that is looking at Indigenous Women and culturally safe birth

Carrie Pratt is a graduate student in the Masters Thesis Program in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. She began working with the University of Saskatchewan’s Dr. Angela Bowen on an innovative and collaborative patient-oriented research team made up of researchers and six mother advisors called “Bringing Birth Back: Improving Access to Culturally Safe Birth in Saskatchewan”. The team was recently presented an Excellence Award for having the top SPROUT grant in the 2018 SHRF-SCPOR SPROUT grant competition.

We had a chance to sit-down with Carrie to talk about her trainee experience.

Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Modules

SPOR modules offer training for patients/caregivers, researchers, health–care providers and health-care decision-makers intending to engage in patient-oriented research. Read more about the modules here.

SPOR modules are offered through SCPOR and are free of charge. To register, go to the News and Events page, click on the  link on the date you would like to attend, and fill out the registration form.


SCPOR Trainee Engagement with Patients Funding (STEP Funding)

Attention SCPOR Trainees! Interested in learning how you can request funding to engage patients in  your POR project?

Visit the Trainee section of our website for more information. 

Want to know more about POR and the SPOR strategy?

Take a look at our SCPOR Mandate page for more information about SCPOR, Patient-Oriented Research (POR), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) strategy to support POR across Canada.

To learn more about organizing a patient-oriented research team, see our Researcher Page.

Are you interested in getting involved as a patient or family member? See our Patient Page.

SCPOR Webinar Archives Page

SCPOR has partnered with the University of Saskatchewan Health Library to offer a series of webinars on
aspects of literature searching, data archiving and sharing, and open access publishing. These webinars have been recorded and archived on this page for viewing at any time.